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Server Information
Level Cap:125
Drop Rate: x200
EXP Rate: x300
Money System: Cen System (You can pick up Money from the
Monsters and it will transfer directly to your Money)
Upp Rate T1-T5: 100%
T1 Max Enchantment: +10
T2 Max Enchantment: +10
T3 Max Enchantment: +10
T4 Max Enchantment: +11
T5 Max Enchantment: +12

Current Features:
=> 500+ online players daily
=>Weekly Updates
=> Fast Support
=> Custom Skills
=> Buff NPC
=> FBZ Message System
=> Custom Bosses
=> 13Bosses to Farm
=> Alot of new NPC's with Stuff
=> Custom Kingdom Quests
=> Balanced PvP
=> Improved Archer
=> Instant Jobchange at Level 1
=> All items in Npc 1 copper
=> No Gem bug
=> No glitched Jewels