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Plucking a 360 Wigs Human Hair will help you to achieve a natural-looking hairline. An unplucked lace wig often has a super straight hairline that looks unreal. Conversely, a natural hairline often has some hair strands growing around it. Hence, to get that ultimate natural look as your pre-existing hairline does while wearing a wig, you absolutely need to pluck it. If you purchase a pre-plucked one, you may not need to do so.How to pluck a 360 Lace Wig Human Hair

Step 1: Bleach the knots
This step is optional, you can decide whether to do it or not according to your preference. You can easily see the lace under the hair has black dots, which may make your Pre Plucked 360 Lace Wig Human Hair a bit unrealistic while wearing. That’s why you may want to bleach the knots beforehand. The lighter knots can match well with your scalp, offering a natural effect against your scalp.

Step 2: Put your hair on the wig stand or mannequin
After bleaching your wig and leaving it completely dry, put it on the 360 Hd Lace Wig stand again and use the pins to secure it. This step ensures your wig will stay in place and not slide off while the plucking process starts.

Step 3: Start to pluck your human hair wig
Hold the tweezers by your dominant hand, use them to rectangle any knots of the hair, and then get started. How to pluck a human hair wig? To do so, tweeze hair strands straight back away from the lace. You will begin to pluck at the hairline, from either ear side, then work up to the middle. Pluck the hair wig carefully, do not focus on certain places since it may cause bald spots, and make sure not to tweeze the lace.

Step 4: Keep doing so to other areas
You should not only pluck at the hairline if you want a natural look. This is because some areas are thin while somewheres else are a bit denser may make the wig look artificial.

For a better look, repeat the step three to the rest of the front of the wig. Let’s do it in layers. Before that, comb out the excess hair you have tweezed. Next, use the rattail comb, part a thin section from ear to ear, and flip it over toward the forehead side. Then, start plucking. Keep doing so to 3 or 4 more layers, according to your reference.

Eventually, comb out all of the plucked hair and done! Now you got your ultimate realistic wig.

After completing the process of plucking your wigs, you create some more baby hair strands at the hairline which can make it look more perfect and supernatural.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
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